The Flip Side is a publication dedicated to providing an alternative media outlet and forum on the UW-Eau Claire campus by welcoming the writings, views, artwork, and involvement of all students and community. Members. By reflecting on news, perspectives, and opinions on local, national, and international issues,we seek to develop participatory democracy and freedom of speech.

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Managing Editor
AJ Lawton

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Paul Savides
Paul Soulier

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Helen White

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Anna Schwanebeck
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Mary Jo Kozol
Ryan Spaight

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Joe Holzhausen

Paul Savides

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AJ Lawton

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Mary Jo Kozol

Paul Soulier

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Kent Syverson

*Faculty adviser exercises no editorial oversight or pre-approval privileges. All publishing and editorial decisions are made by Flip Side staff.


The Flip Side is published every two weeks on Thursday during the fall and spring semesters of the academic school year at UW-Eau Claire. Our circulation is between 800 and 1500 copies and distribution is available upon request. The Flip Side is officially recognized as Campus Media by the UWEC Student Senate. The Flip Side is a designated Public Forum: decisions about content are made by members of The Flip Side staff.

Letters to the Editor

Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members are all welcome to write letters to the editor to express their views.

Letters must include the sender’s full name and, if applicable, year in school and major. Faculty or staff must include their title and department, and alumni must include their year of graduation.

Letters must be no longer than 350 words. The Flip Side reserves the right to withhold publication and may edit for length and clarity.

Writers whose content is made the subject of letters will be notified and are allowed, and encouraged, to respond. Responses appear just below the letters and must be between 200 and 500 words.


Those who seek to advertise in future issues should contact: Mary Jo Kozol, advertising manager,