It’s always around this time of year that it happens. There are so many future love stories that I walk past everyday. Each one of them leaving their unique footprints in the snow lined streets. It’s fascinating really if you stop and think about it. Along with every car getting snow brushed off of it, there are two people on their way to introduce one another to their families for the first time. I think about stuff like how much a firm handshake means to her father upon their first introduction to one another. I think about what jokes will be shared at the dinner table about how one of them finally brought home someone from college. I think about what embarrassing stories from their childhoods will be shared and what shade of red their face will turn. I think too much. Snowflakes carry a love aroma more magical than anything found in Cupid’s arrows around Valentine’s Day. There’s something peaceful and romantic about peaking out a lightly frosted window that captures our hearts. The falling snow seems to give us the courage to ask questions we may be too afraid to ask in the sunshine. Everybody’s out there just looking for somebody to keep the embers in their heart stoked.