As I lay here and think of you,
the swelling breeze seeps into the opened window
and once again I am in defeat to my wandering mind.

When the air pricks my skin I wish you were here,
draped over my body like a blanket to keep out the frigid frost.
I long for the touch of your skin on mine,
for the heated breath you trail across it.

I desire you and the paths you take never losing your way.
You challenge me to explore myself.
The deep dive into my questioning mind
that possesses the answers I have not yet explored.

I understand not all minds will accept my progressive changes
Yet, I know in my heart it’s my happiness that’s at stake.
Why should my difference be frowned upon
when there are harsher events in this world which are tolerated?

My life is my own
and I will make decisions not based upon your liking
but by embracing my true being.

As I lay here with the covers pulled over my mouth
I am reminded once more that I cannot,
will not,
be silenced.

My acceptance is not within your power
but within my own.
I choose to take pride in who I am
and who I will become.