I Woman Up by Joanna Schroeder and Victoria Zelinski

03/12/2012 - 20:24
Joanna Schroeder and Victoria Zelinski
Undeclared, Applied Behavior Analysis
I Woman Up
At Students for Life, every week is Bring Your Boyfriend week. I don’t think the authors of a few of last week’s articles realize that there are simply so many women in the organization that it’s become necessary for us slap on a witty moniker and encourage men to join the group. How can so many women be dedicated to a cause that, according to the pro-choice, would oppress women and take away our rights? My body, my choice, right? Wrong. There are countless laws that determine what we can and cannot do with our bodies. It’s illegal for me to shoot my body full of heroin. It’s illegal for me to sell my body. It’s illegal for me to have someone assist me in killing my body. The idea that simply because I am a woman I have the right to do whatever I want with my body is unrealistic and irrational. If the government DOES determine what I can and cannot do with my body it logically can implement laws that protect a being with separate DNA that just so happens to take up residency in a woman’s body for nine months. This human is created at fertilization when a new, amazing, unique in all of history, individual comes into being. It’s totally complete; nothing else will be added but nutrition and oxygen for the rest of its life (Willke 34). It grows, develops and matures all while replacing its dead cells. It responds to stimuli, maintains homeostasis, has the ability to eventually reproduce, has at least one cell, and has the ability to consume and move (“Abortion Facts”). By scientific standards…it’s alive. If it is alive, then who decides the value of human life? Do we give equal protection under law to every human in the nation from the beginning of one’s life till natural death? Do we attach a price tag of economic or social usefulness on individual human life? Do we grant citizens the legal right to have another killed so their personal, social, or economic problem can be solved? When a mother who is pregnant is killed along with the baby, the murderer is charged with double homicide. Who and what determines the value of a life? I believe that everyone has the right to life, especially my fellow women. In fact, more females are killed by abortion (“Abortion Facts”). Where is the feminist uproar for these women who are being so discriminated against? I felt quite upset because the women authors of last week avoided reason and made arguments that were a dash of fallacies mixed with a hefty spoonful of slogan shouting.  The women of Students for Life will continue to passionately fight for the rights of the unborn. However, we will do so logically and intelligently. We will remain composed and leave the emotionally charged, faulty, malicious rants to others. In the abortion debate, I have no doubt that cooler heads WILL prevail. 

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Abortion Questions and Answers by J.C Willke

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