Need and Want by Matt Novacek

04/04/2012 - 10:58

Matt Novacek


Need and Want

what more shall we ask for

what more shall we want

caught up in take take take

forgetting who gives gives gives

in this world of gimme what i want

we forget to ask

what do i actually need?

have we given into this notion of buy?

is all we want to do is spend?

spend on pointless possessions

and not spent on what are needs

in this world of i need to buy this

we forget to think

do i really need this?

we must know our needs before wants

and not think that a pair of jeans is need

and not think that the most popular thing is need

and not think that we need to need

don't get caught in making wants your needs

cause think about it

if you make pointless items your needs

when time comes for food, shelter, and spare money

you'll find out you want more of what you truly need

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