Ode to an Odemeal: An Ode

As I walked down the path, and smelled the cold and tasted the breeze, I saw you. You sat there so regally in your snowy throne, I could not believe my eyes. Your package bore the Royal Insignia, ‘QUAKER.’ I know not how you traveled so far from your customary pantry seat; your lack of [...]


Something   I sit on cool, dew dampened concrete and stare. Birds hide behind morning’s sheet of sunlight and come out on the other side.   Fly, fly away.   Something about still water Something about shadows on the trees Something about the way Atmosphere smells after she cries.   My breath spirals and dances [...]


      time when time was when was is and will     not be, though material, matter is     endlessly shifting shaping rearranging, there     and there being there     being in words being there being voices there     reflecting vibrating projections into space and there     Disengaging and Participating and Purchasing too     or [...]

First Dance

Your hand reaching for mine I take—           My curtsy to your low bow.           I wonder how up until now We lived singular, untwined   Lives without the other to hold—           to dispel the hurt and tears,         [...]

Love’s Burden Outgrown

When dry oak glows in orange hunks, And lights the room with dancing flames, Past midnight goes the global news, I hear of war and human rights, Not recalling old obsessions, Once consumed with childish games,   I lost the taste for romance, With a rifle in my hand, And massacres on CNN, That made [...]

My Devil

Her hands shake, but she takes your hand. It’s in her hesitation, your smile sadistic. You’ll destroy her sweet innocence. For now it’s a game, you won’t stay long, you never do. You want what you can’t have, for now the demon doesn’t get what he wants, but she’ll give in. You want to know [...]


because the first time I held your hand I was so sure of myself the first time I kissed you I knew what I wanted but that was all   I was unshaken while you silently questioned questioned questioned never letting me know what was truly wrong   until it was too late until I [...]

The Broken Ones

Their voices were silenced with the whip of reality, their whispers screaming with blood as the only reminder to drip   their endless thoughts and dreaming into the world of vicious carcasses, their tears forever streaming.   Where the cries of the ambitious had no choice but to be cut apart at first glance by [...]

If You Split a Worm in Half it Grows Back From Both Ends

Do we step aside when there is a worm on the wet cement crawling do we sympathize with the worm The worm is cold, and trying not to drown in the grass Do we look down at the life of the worm and think our life is more than any worm’s, and not even worry [...]

Anticipation of A Rainy Day and Other Mindless Spinning

As you fall asleep with rain in the forecast, a series of questions cross your mind. Stealing away precious minutes of goal sleep allotted time.   Is it actually going to rain? Will I wake up to a dripping frame?   Or will the weather team make a mistake, making them look rather fake, once [...]

The Illusion of Perfection

Open the curtain! Sound the trumpets! It is for certain The universe I encompass!   Look here! At these ugly features This human wants to disappear! What a poor ugly creature.   What say you? I can’t fix this problem? Just give me a few, And it won’t be solemn.   Once you look like [...]

You’re Everything Like the Others

I am twenty-seven years old. We’re walking down a bustling sidewalk, my hand resting in the crook of your arm, a boisterous group of young men stumble into the street, we continue past them without a glance and you raise your hand quickly to brush your hair back. I flinch. You are not my rapist. [...]

Dusk on Pines

I love a good sunset But most do not see Past trees, leaves and hues   All I can see is you on that night over west Your hand on my thigh Head – to – head We danced through our words A precise tango of thought   This night was entirely yours But you [...]

A Void in my Brain

I hear you, but my head is a blank. I understand you, but I can’t seem to think. I know it, but I can’t seem to say it. You’re yelling at me, but I don’t have the wits.


I will always be the girl that texts first. I will be the first to say that I miss you. I will be the first to say I love you. I will be the first to hold your hand. To wipe your tear before catching my own. And that’s okay. Because I have the love [...]

Hwy 35 N

It was dark   I was sitting next to you in your old pickup the bed softly rattling as we moved through the night   I pointed out the moon, its round curve floating above the pines somehow hoping to close the distance between us   You spoke gently and with purpose each word traveling [...]

Heart Sisters

Young friendship hatched in tender spirits two A yolk of pinkies latched in child’s pact Their bond like sisters, only kin ties lacked A winning hand, the pair of hearts they drew In days of knees preserving grassy hue The innocent Crayola souls attract When secrets sewn in moonlight, trust intact Those quilten whispers prickled [...]

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