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Before the Flood Review

Leonardo DiCaprio begins Before the Flood explaining a picture that he used to look at as a boy, depicting the beginning, flourishing, and fall of man. When I began watching this documentary, I went into flashbacks of my public school indoctrination, singing songs about global warming in grade school music class, or being given assignments [...]

Fishing Well

“Well THAT’S new.” There was a well up ahead on the road to Warlock’s Den.  Or just the base, Paula noticed: a cylinder of rocks with no rope or bucket.  Odd, especially since they were still a mile from the nearest town. “You sure?” Mike asked from behind Paula.  She didn’t remember a well, either, [...]

My True Being

As I lay here and think of you, the swelling breeze seeps into the opened window and once again I am in defeat to my wandering mind. When the air pricks my skin I wish you were here, draped over my body like a blanket to keep out the frigid frost. I long for the [...]

A World Afar

How I ponder For it not so far A world without wonder And filled with tar For in the darkness There is a light That shines with happiness At the cost of a fight Not one of fists Nor one of gore But against people’s lists And traits of their adore Feel the fire within [...]

Reclining Nude Croissant


you with your eyes and hair hands, cheeks and smile, short and skinny miniature human well, you’re not short, you’re fun sized! everyone else is just tall every inch radiating and glowing with warmth whispering like the breath of wind that flows through the trees late summer pink sun streaming through the leaves of the [...]

Elevator Moans

Tick Tick Tick Does the trick The safety Unclicks Turn your sweet legs Kneel before me Swift Let me unfasten The grip That holds your sweet Breasts Caress Your clothespinned lips To hold back the pitch Of your howling I flinch Cold dressing room floor Elevator music covered moans Bought a green tank top Tried [...]

Strangers Again

Your snow puddles still on the floor, I knew you. My home’s favorite decoration. As everyday as the old bump of paint on my bathroom door. It looks like a smiling moon. Your familiarity dissolved into something as foreign as road bends in cities to which I haven’t travelled. I knew you. But I forgot [...]

2 Face


Chimera 2