Bare Feet

We walked down the forest path on a nice winter’s day. The snow crunched underfoot, even after being packed down by the many boots that had crossed over it in the past weeks. The air was a balmy twenty degrees, yet the wind nipped and bit with the ferocity of an annoying little dog. We [...]


“First the iClickers, and now this?” Taylor and Jean stood at the entrance to the university bookstore, each with a ‘Required Materials’ list in their hands. Jean was studying their list for the fifth time, silently mouthing the name of each textbook as though they were unsavory curses. Taylor’s list hung limply from their fingertips. [...]


hop this bench skin your knees the back of the bus crying, mother won’t comfort me


a daydream after digital painting: i am solid

there’s a red transparent heart shaped bowl in the kitchen with a huge onion sitting inside a young girl is chopping a sweet potato almost 21 she cuts her hand very badly, there is a lot of blood it is night time she wonders if the lights are twinkling or if the bulbs are dying? [...]


Poem Written Alone in the Dark & 1,111 Miles from Home

For Connor Drexler. I was born in the wrong moment where the hero never arrives; The palm trees without hair, the water without any winking body and all the fish growing legs just to crawl on land without lungs. Serenity observes from the same spot thinking she’ll always be able to see farther. Her world [...]

Destiny Changes

A bitter end becomes a day, Half a wish crashing into despair, Where a billion pounds crush me, In a split second lasting forever, Agony in the age of apathy. Then stolen away by some kindness, Laughing in lavender fields, I’m just a child again, running for miles, Where love is like gravity, With the [...]

I Am Scared

I am scared, Of spiders and snakes Of parties with alcohol Of global warming and melting icebergs Of fights and wars and political figures Of sugar left on the floor Of doorknobs and the bacteria they hold Of college boys and their stupidity Of my brothers’ innocence Of my mothers’ kindness Of the one person [...]


Late Night Accident Outside My Window

The Last Time it Snowed

We watched it together Staring outside the window Feeling my chest wither You picked me up off the floor When I said I was fine There was a sparkle in your eye looking into mine Now I know I’m not pretty I’m not nice I’m not kind But I promise I’m caring But you hope [...]

Noah Fence But Your Art Is Literal Garbage

Weary Thoughts

As the rain drizzles and slaps onto the sidewalk tonight, my precious feline flattens her ears and crawls to my chest where I hold her tight, sweet face buried in my neck. Her wet nose smears onto my skin, sending shivers through my body as I ignore the urge to shake, for I am her [...]

Inner Storms

Inside feels like being thrown around Tornados swirl, and rain pelts down sand whips past as you try and catch the thoughts Nothing sticks long enough to make any sense Muscles ache all the time, always too tense to fully relax no matter how long you try Taking deep breaths to try and calm the [...]

A Lonely Road

The Lovers: A Bas Relief Study


Aries (21 March – 20 April) Indulge! Life has been tough, but that doesn’t mean you need to be on yourself. Spoil yourself: eat a nice meal, pop that bottle of wine, or just give yourself time to relax and enjoy life. Soundtrack for the week: On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull. Taurus [...]