An Open Letter to The Flipside

Dear Flipside staff and readers, What is going on? A respectable publication that once saw students and community members engaging in compelling discussions has become a hodge-podge of half-baked short stories and mediocre poetry, with only a smattering of visual art to redeem it. In recent months, The Flipside’s endeavor of “providing an… outlet and [...]

Response to the Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Free Speech Indulgences

Dear Readers, The Flipside is what the UW-Eau Claire campus makes of it. We publish whatever students or community members take the time to create and submit. Admittedly, our recent issues have contained a few grammatical errors, and for that I am sorry. Every issue of the Flipside requires a significant time commitment and in [...]

Worn to Be Worn

I rescued two shoes knotted together; holding strings, Bobbing in the frog pond one soggy, Sunday morning. Discarded survivors of the youth waving an S.O.S. A little girl’s. Size sixes, well-loved. I took a pair of mud-caked sneakers with burdock married to the laces. Evidence that she’d trampled through the thicket and bike paths, Once [...]

night drive on water st.

my head meets his shoulder and sinks into the melody of Ben Howard’s voice singing of this only love. flickering lights collide with the shadows and they caress my eyelids; my eyes caress the silhouette of his perfect face the sky blesses us with pieces of rain breaking into a million sparkles on the windows [...]

Early Morning

As the Ice Melts Salt Back Into the Mud’s Bend.

When we talk, there be no trick in singing of ice melting salt back into the mud’s bend. We whip-our-will back with each crescendoed birdsong, each try to become heard. I say nothing. There be no trick cunning enough for you. Your elbows teach how the silent erosion of rock from streams of thought through [...]

Sukyi Portrait


Thinking about this, How long it’s been Since I’ve put words onto a page Without a cause Cruel- even hurtful by intention And fixated on healing There is no cure Let me know what you think – Follows me like a harpy I need your judgement Like I need water or sleep Let me know [...]


one day i hope i can say your name without hearing what could’ve been echo back to me

Tango for Two

Stars and Endings

The soft sweet midnight blue Of a starry sky The well-worn pattern of night clouds Cleared away to reveal the beauty of the night The little speckled dots on the blanket of black Calms my soul whenever I feel sad I look up at the stars and it makes me appreciate All the things in [...]

She was the Space Between Breaths



Fall Cruise

In autumn fresh hearts gently nowhere bound Through vacant merlot maple-sweetened sky Palm in yours a destination found Through speakers coiling Indie ribbons sound And panes sip lemon rays a lullaby In autumn fresh hearts gently nowhere bound Two souls that limbo into sacred ground While Marb and smoky spirit spiral high Palm in yours [...]

Prism Studies 1 of 6