Literally my Shopping List

By Mary Jo Kozol (Undergraduate)

Fancy Resume Paper Command hook strips Smartfood popcorn white cheddar Garden salsa Sun Chips Chicken soup Beef Soup Vegetable Soup Small Halloween decorations Clothespins Sidewalk chalk Travel pack o...

Painted Hands

By Kayla Lobermeier (English Major, Creative Writing Studio Arts Minor)

details unnoticed / scenes from a bad acid trip

By Alyssa Anderson (English Critical Studies Major)

distant sirens wail through fog as thick as tomato soup raindrops dance together, ricocheting off cloudy eyeglasses, another reminder of physical senses often missed. the sun is long gone skies are gr...

The Faustians

By Graham Goodwiler

An androgenous anonymous, an ataraxic asomatous, a heartsease and anthophilous, Their compathy with the noblesse oblige is foreboding. The Myrmidon’s crocodilian comportment captures the vaunting Ci...

Closed for Business

By Daniel Reich

Sheer weight of water. Running down the back of whatever they call this poor tool. I am going to die. Fire, fire. A snap of fingers. Your eyes pass mine. We no longer see you. A graveyard at the botto...

Planes and Privilege

By Freesia Krogstad (English Education Major, Special Education Minor)

The first time I flew on an airplane I was fearful My hands shook as hard as the slim wings lifting into flight The man sitting next to me, assured me that turbulence was normal I was grateful that my...