By Sarah Calderon (Graphic Design Major)


By Genie Tran (Illustration Major)

Full Circle

By Sara Ann Mihor

First line from Canto I by Dante Allghlerl Midway upon the journey of our life We will crumble, splinter, break away Pieces of our kindling, scattering them Throughout those who used our leaves as she...

Bethlehem, PA

By Graham Goodwiler

Melodious harmonies, Birds’ songs and winds’ whispers. Mellifluous flurries, Delicate snow floating down. Superfluous furies, Cantankerous complaints Culminate in a cacophony. Ubiquitous cinna...


By Daniel Reich

Larger than the water you sip While watching me My failure clings to your eyes This dance Millennia in the making...

Finding a Pulse.

By Lauren Hovde

In the moment           forty-nine bodies                   ...