By Lauren Becker, Caleb Carr, Mary Shaw, Alex Zitzner

A hummingbird can fly upside down and backwards: Fish push water backwards in order to swim forward: Newton’s Third Law: Butterfly & Mandela Effect: Fact. The coral reefs are bleaching, dying. ...

The Walker No. 1

By Lindsay Rockwell (Graphic Design | Photography Major, Sculpture Art History Minor)

Living Nightmare Never Dies

By Sara Ann Mihor

You haunt my soul, phantom of the night. Your shadow swirls, preparing to attack my mind. I cower, composing myself for exile from the dreams I once saw as salvation. You blanket me in visions too pai...


By Graham Goodwiler

Perhaps this chance Was unmistakable. A moment’s delay Keeps the sun’s array A memory. The melody, unquestionably true; A new hue, Remarkably blue like grasses’ dew. Unrelentingly unseen, Th...

Is the System Rigged Against You?

By Josiah Wahl (Comprehensive Political Science Major, World Politics Emphasis)

When we were children, the question was often posed, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The intent was probably not practical, but a dreaming exercise in which outcomes like high political...

Cuffing Season

By Dalton Hessel (Elementary Education Major, Language Arts Minor)

It’s always around this time of year that it happens. There are so many future love stories that I walk past everyday. Each one of them leaving their unique footprints in the snow lined streets....

I Will Not Drink Underage- And Neither Should You

By Rebecca Mennecke (Psychology / English (Creative Writing) Major)

How many of you have had a sip of alcohol? How many of you had your first drop before midnight on the date of your twenty-first birthday? The numbers are staggering. In the United States, people aged ...

Compromise- A Controversial Political Idea

By Will Seward

Guns. If that word sent shivers down your spine, you probably hate them. If you thought of the second amendment, you’re probably a fan of them. Guns. They’re the subject of controversy after the d...


By Alex Stout (Computer Science and Information Systems Major)